Florida Car Insurance Savings From Technology.

It’s amazing how many people still doubt me when I say that kids today won’t need to learn to drive. Most of them probably will just as they always have, but the technology exists right now so they don’t have to. Within the next few years, legislators will figure out how to regulate fully autonomous driving cars. This will give the green light to companies like Tesla, to download an update over Wi-Fi while you’re sleeping in your bed at night. Easy as pie.

The reality will quickly shift to the fact that computers are faster and more effective at the task of driving than we ever could have as a collective whole. Cars will communicate with each other and people will be able to get where they are going safer and faster. Will there still be auto accidents? Of course, but the number will be far less than exists today. More lives saved means it’s a lot less risk for Florida car insurance companies with Lower risks mean lower rates and guess who’s holding the most accurate data on the most cars on the road?


This will put them in the position to completely bypass any additional insurance. Also, it will offer full coverage on every car, included for free with simply owning the car, but only if you let them drive. Amazing right?

Hang in there FL. Before long your Uber will just be another autonomous sled saving you money and safely delivering you to your destination. Getting car insurance in Florida will be a thing of the past and it will disappear here first. Why? Because I expect Florida to be the first state in the country to ban manually driving a car.

Until then, it is a requirement to purchase car insurance in Florida. It is important to purchase a policy to protect yourself financially. In addition, Florida is a no-fault state. This simply means that both parties in an accident are responsible for their own damages. After an accident has occurred, each driver will contact their own insurance company.

Avoid the stiff penalties and fines that come along with not having FL car insurance. Purchasing a policy online is now easier than ever thanks to Why not get started today?


What Are the Different Types of Health Insurance in FL?

Shopping for health insurance in Florida, like most other kinds of insurance, depends on your need for coverage. Senior citizens of FL have the option to avail of Medicare. Medicare is the national social health program of the United States. However, the state itself provides other choices. There are a couple of programs in FL which are open to its individual residents. As well as small business operators within the state.  Also, try searching online for health insurance quotes in Florida.

FL Health Insurance Options


Medicare offers a wide array of coverage and benefits for US citizens 65 years or older. It is a government-funded individual health insurance program that covers your medical expenses in exchange for years of service but is otherwise optional. The benefits of the Medicare health insurance program from are subdivided into parts (A-D); they are Hospital/Hospice Insurance, Medical Insurance, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Prescription Drug Plans respectively.

Parts A and B come free for service and are reimbursed by the US government to the insurance holder which means Medicare does not pay for all of your coverage. There are expected out-of-pocket costs like premiums, deductibles, and supplement programs. Medicare health insurance revokes eligibility to other Florida health insurance program options.

Individual Health Care (IHC)

The Individual Health Care program was formed to guarantee insurance for people who do not have rights to government or employer-subsidized health care programs through the purchase of IHC. This provides them with coverage for their individual personalities and their families through an assortment of private insurance carriers. You can avail of IHC’s renewable standard health coverage regardless of age and/or medical status. It is the most common FL health insurance program.

People eligible for IHC include sole or primary residence in the state of Florida and no coverage from Medicare. IHC does not only award insurance benefits to the individual but also to his/her legal dependents (i.e. their spouse or dependent children under the age of 26). The benefits of IHC include coverage for a number of medical amenities and cost-sharing for other services. IHC is available at different levels of coverage depending on what the individual may be able to afford.

Small Employer Health Benefits (SEH)

The Small Employer Health Benefits (SEH) Program became an option for small business employers so that they may have access to health insurance plans, regardless of the individual health status of the group members or group occupation. SEH also provides renewable coverage annually regardless of changes in the individual health status of the members of the group or experience claims made by the group. An employer must suffice the requirements of either one of the two-part eligibility criteria in order to avail of SEH.

If the employer has fewer than 50 employees on the payroll then he/she need not consider part 2 according to However, if he/she has over 50 employees on the payroll, the number of bonafide employees (those who work at regular hours and receive minimum wage or greater) must not be more than 50. The benefits of SEH provide employee coverage for a number of medical amenities and services as well as dental plans and the like.


Florida Homeowners Insurance, What Isn’t Covered?

As a homeowner, it is your duty to make sure your home is safe and protected from disaster. There are so many perils out there that can damage or even completely destroy your home. What’s worse is thinking that you’re covered when something happens to your home but you really aren’t. It is very important to understand what is and isn’t covered in your Florida homeowners insurance quotes.  No one wants to be told they aren’t covered, that’s why it’s up to you to know what will not be covered in your policy. By understanding what isn’t covered, you can then move forward and take the right steps to extend the coverage you need.

What’s Not Covered in My Home Insurance in FL?

Let’s discuss what is not covered by your home insurance policy according to Remember each of these while you are shopping for a policy. That way you can avoid any sudden surprises once a disaster occurs.


That’s right, it’s crazy to think trampolines aren’t covered. Nine times out of ten, trampolines are an accident waiting to happen. Did you know that just having a trampoline on your property is enough of a reason for insurance companies not to insure you? The climbing numbers of trampoline accidents are a result of that. Do you own a trampoline? It may seem like harmless fun but some insurance companies will take that into consideration.


Flooding is not covered by your home coverage. However, most standard home policies will cover you if you have water damage that resulted in a busted pipe or leaking faucet. Keep in mind that policies will not cover flood damage due to rivers, or any type of surface water that runs into your house and causes damage.

Homeowners will need to purchase special flood insurance. However many do not purchase it unless they live in a high-risk area. If you feel your home is at risk to flood damage, it is strongly recommended that you purchase the Florida home insurance policy needed.


Just when you think an earthquake couldn’t happen in the area, think again. For example, the earthquake that passed through Virginia in August 2011? No one ever expected it. As a result, many people found out that damages done to homes were not covered. Remember that most homeowners insurance in Florida will not cover earthquakes. You as a homeowner will need to purchase additional coverage if you feel the need.

Certain Dog Breeds

Dogs will bite and attack unpredictably. You may think you have the sweetest dog around but things can happen quickly. Even the sweetest dog can become aggressive and attack someone. Many insurance policies will not cover a high-risk dog. For example, Pit Bulls or Rottweilers.

Be aware of these factors when shopping online for FL homeowners insurance according to If you feel the need to purchase additional coverage do so. There is nothing worse than not having the protection you needed after a disaster.