What was Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Sony Wonder Technology Lab was a museum in a four-story space that had given a lot to experience the digital world, animated thrilling video games, latest upcoming software’s and technologies, amazing movies for kids and other entertaining events and learning  workshops and the best part was the entry which was free of cost. It is one of the most astonishing and everyone’s favorite Technology museum in New York. This museum is for all age groups that a must visit in New York.

It was located and established at 550 Madison Avenue in Manhattan on May 1994 and since that, its more than 3 million visitors are welcomed here. Originally it was designed by Edwin Schlossberg, after that it was renovated in 2003 and then in 2008 by Lee H. Skolnick. It worked autonomously and collectively with non-profit community-based partners, including the New York City Department of Education and the United Federation of Teachers. It was designed explicitly for the New York Department of Education science and technology. On January 29, 2016, it was permanently closed.

Some of the best entertainment events held in Sony Wonder Technology Lab

20110124164343boundaryfunctions_1Music Mixer: This program was really very interesting where everyone moves around a 3D audio block to create a remix song.

PlayStation Console:  With all new HD games that kids love to play are enjoyed in the Play station video game.

Dance Motion Capture exhibitions: This one was the all time favorite programs. In this kids used to stand in front of cameras and had to do a free style dance or any type they wish, then they use to select a character or creature that will perform their moves.

Moviemaker: This program was usually enjoyed by everyone as it gives you a chance to create your own movie with the help of Sony Pictures Clips.

Virtual surgery: This program used to give a powerful feeling, where you play a role of a doctor and perform open-heart surgery with the help of haptic controller. So it gives you a feel of a doctor by performing a surgery on a virtual patient.

laparoscopic_simulator2Signal Station: This was a form of digital program where you learn that how the digital signals that are 0s and 1s and other pixels convert into pictures and text.

Robotic program: Robotic program was a very interactive program as by using touch sensors and different forms of lights, robot’s actions are programmed by you.

Sony wonder Technology Lab includes 23 entertaining programs and HD movie theaters for kids. Every time visitors visit there and experience something. It also provides educational materials like books, journals, articles based on emerging trends and innovations in science and technology.

Though the museum is for ages 8-14 but it doesn’t matter if a five year child goes there because this place was full of a wonder that was loved by everyone.

As kids are the new generation, so the main motive of this museum is to educate this new generation in science and technology, arts and entertainment and multimedia. Hope that it should be reopened.


SWTL is the short form of Sony Wonder Technology Lab. Sony Corporation is America's fourteen-thousand square-foot; progressive technology and diversion deposit at five hundred and fifty Madison Avenue, Manhattan celebrated its twentieth anniversary on 25, May 2014. Sony opened its gates for all the people on 25th May, 1994, as initial interactive science center.

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