Sony PS5: What Will Playstation 5 Be Like And When Will We See It?

It seems that the series of PlayStation is a never ending process. With the all new emerging technology trends, the PlayStation has attracted everyone in the world. As we all know that the upcoming Sony PS 5 is in a great demand, and yes, it is highly expected as by the launch of PS4, the video game lovers are very excited by the upcoming PlayStation 5.

playstation-vrAt the time when Sony launches its PlayStation 4, then you won’t believe that more than 250,000 PS consoles were sold and that too within two days, amazing isn’t it and now with the launch of PS 5 the expectations are much higher.

Some of the Expected advanced Innovative features of Sony PS 5

  • As PS4 is about 1080 pixels of HD video so it is expected that PS5 will support HD gaming video at 1700 pixels.
  • An improved and slightly bigger processor will sure be there in PS 5 that provides a high- quality graphical experience.
  • How can we forget the capacity to store, the first and foremost concern that everyone has? We all are expecting huge storage capacity for storing multiple games.
  • Sony PS 3 and PS 4 console are built with two layered Blue-Ray disc, but this is expected to be with four layered or Ultra HD Blue-Ray disc, these discs have the capacity to store around 100 GB of
  • Everyone game lovers are waiting for the revolution of virtual reality that will completely replace the traditional screens of television.
  • As of now the Sony PS 4 is the world’s best PlayStation ever with a lot of functionalities and necessary utilities like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB 3, HD dual color camera, etc. So now it is really interesting to see what’s new in PS 5, may be it would introduce flash memory, hard drive and make an advancement in Wi-Fi.
  • With only one motion ball, Sony has made PS 4 the most famous video game console, so let’s see the existence of four to five motion balls that will represent all the 3 D movements and virtual existence.
  • Talking about price, it can be more expensive than PS 4 due to more demand, but at the same time, it also depends on the other competitive market prices and production cost.

According to the surveys, the release date of Sony PS 5 would be around in November 2018 to 2020. However, due to huge popularity may be Sony would launch it as early as possible with no doubt that PS5 will surely bring advanced, innovative features comparing from PS 4 and may be it would be the Sony’s last gaming console.

SWTL is the short form of Sony Wonder Technology Lab. Sony Corporation is America's fourteen-thousand square-foot; progressive technology and diversion deposit at five hundred and fifty Madison Avenue, Manhattan celebrated its twentieth anniversary on 25, May 2014. Sony opened its gates for all the people on 25th May, 1994, as initial interactive science center.

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