What is the PlayStation VR? Here’s a quick look at Sony’s upcoming Product!

During the development PlayStation VR, it is known by the codename Project Morpheus. It’s a virtual reality game headset introduced by Sony Interactive Entertainment, produced by Sony.

PlayStation VR, the new Virtual Reality system that will give you an immense multimedia experience. These are the headsets that you will wear and you will able to see the things that are projected in a manner that make you feel that actually, you are inside the game story.

Best Features of the upcoming Sony’s PlayStation VR

nasa-sony-playstation-vr-mighty-morphenautSony has introduced all new advanced rich gaming experience to the game lovers.

  • High-quality sound feature that will make you enjoy the game as PlayStation VR will have 3D audio that enables you to hear it in a radius of 360 degrees.
  • Offers smoother visualization experience by providing 1080 pixels of HD video.
  • The design of this product is the most comfortable and light-weighted to wear that you will feel that’s it’s your body part.
  • The VR headset is compatible and actually powered by all existing PlayStation 4.
  • OLED visual Screen, the amazing advanced display that will make you feel in the story and gives you wide varieties of wonderful places that you have ever imagined.
  • Another interesting feature, let’s not enjoy it alone, make your friends also to get lost in this explored world and you can do this with PlayStation VR as you can project this onto a TV screen so that others can also enjoy it. So it has the capability to render different images at the same time.
  • Its refresh rate is much higher that is, 120 Hz, means more than Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Its display screen is 5 to 5.7 inches that provide you a clear vision and smooth image.
  • It uses a PS camera that is traceable and is located at the both side, that is, at back and front of the head so that the users can easily look behind them.

And yes no doubt with the upcoming PlayStation VR, game players will get a different varieties of game genres that they will love to watch as Sony announced it recently that PS VR will have a range of 50 game titles, including Star Wars, Final Fantasy 15, Resident evil, Far Point, Batman Arkham VR, Star Trek, Dead Secret, Robinson etc.

Everyone is very excited and curiously waiting for its release but now the waiting is over as it is going to be released on 13 October 2016. So, be ready for PlaySation VR, Connect it with PlayStation 4 and experience something new.


SWTL is the short form of Sony Wonder Technology Lab. Sony Corporation is America's fourteen-thousand square-foot; progressive technology and diversion deposit at five hundred and fifty Madison Avenue, Manhattan celebrated its twentieth anniversary on 25, May 2014. Sony opened its gates for all the people on 25th May, 1994, as initial interactive science center.

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