What is the motive that made you write about Sony Wonder Technology Lab?

Sony Wonder Technology Lab has been a great company to my amazement. An organization made much impacts and left great remarks in the lives of individuals. I just love their concepts and dedication in delivering great services to the public. Apart from their ratings, they have also received some great recommendations, reviews, and observations though that is a common part for organizations in the same niche with them. In fact, it is a renowned outfit for quality services. I love great and outstanding companies. Moreover, I like understanding such outfits. The Sony Wonder Technology Lab stood the test of time and wrote out its name on golden tablets in the hearts of individuals and the public. I loved what they did. It was a one-stop place for family relaxation and refreshment. It is a very interactive place and with lots of technology and video games that young people like. It was always a time well spent in the Sony Wonder Technology Lab.

What do you think of his closing of business?

Children of all ages are always wowed with the displaying of innovative technologies, screening of kids’ movies and fun shops, creative technology, etc. Even adults were not left out as great services came to them also – museum, etc.  I am not too cool with its closure but I believe the business leaders of the organizations see light in what the public audience does not. They are the managers. So, they know what decisions to take per time. There is no doubt; I am going to miss Sony Wonder Technology Lab.

Its closure has brought some dull moments for individuals and the public at large. By I believe, with time, all will be healed. It was a great and exciting experiences / encounters in Sony Wonder Technology Lab.

What do you like about Sony Wonder Technology Lab?

Sony Wonder Technology lab is a place where Young technical students can enhance the education about the latest technology in the best manner. The young can also entertain themselves with the Sony technical equipments like exhibit of Dance Motion where the kids can also enjoy booty shake standing in front of cam. The interesting part is that the kids can choose their own favorite part and then the avatar performs their unique moves.

The visitor’s families can purchase cheap films according to their convenience. The place is also for the disabled people amusement as if for the deaf people the Lab organizes a special event at 2pm, every Saturday. However, the worst thing is that only 73 tickets are available for any show in the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. So, you need to place your booking before your visit on every Monday.

What did you get in your experiences at Sony Wonder Lab Technology?

I was exposed to some fantastic and mind-blowing technologies, the museum, etc. Some much gains too much.