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Hi! SWTL is the short form of Sony Wonder Technology Lab.  Sony Corporation is America’s fourteen-thousand square-foot; progressive technology and diversion deposit at five hundred and fifty Madison Avenue, Manhattan celebrated its twentieth anniversary on 25, May 2014. Sony opened its gates for all the people on 25th May, 1994, as initial interactive science center.

The research lab has welcome about 3.9 million guests from that time and has entertained all the guests free admission in order to reduce the gap of education along with the availability of all the resources for everyone without any criteria. For 20 years, the science laboratory has maintained a strong impression and commitments in the science & technology and entertainment field. The initial steps taken for the designing and development of SWTL were taken by Edwin Schlossberg, Inc. along with the highly qualified team of Charles & Bob Sigel.

dsc_0041-e1328738181317During the tenure of 2003 and 2008 the Sony Lab faced to dramatic renovations because of Lee Skolnick as he executed architecture and design partnership with the Big Show Const. Mgt. without filling any fields. The primary focus of work was on the 2nd floor, upgrading exhibitory to incorporate a brand new concentrate on recreation in streak with Sony’s development as a registered corporation, whereas the second focus described as a developed transition of analog to digital facilities.

At the time when these evolutions were carried out, Sony stepped in the other field that is environmental approach for the construction. To accomplish this task the corporation very hard for incorporating the new content for the exhibition. The basic of this task was to aware the community about the concern for the global environment with the help of science and technology and how this technology will be going to save the environment.

Today, the Sony Lab has accomplished the target, there are over 19 exhibit Labs being run, it targets the visitors between the age of eight and fourteen, and the Lab covers a wide range of topics in the exhibition. The main topics are robots, animations, TV production, nano technology and all the equipments that are developed by Sony in the Sony Lab. The Lab has a proud history for the visitors and the users with the special needs like the disabled people that needs wheelchair, sign language etc. All the exhibits of Sony Lab are ADA acquiescent.

There were twenty three attractions altogether at the Wonder Technology Lab, as well as a 73-seat high-definition theater, that frequently screens very little children favorites like herb Street and Dora still as Sony options. There also are active workshops for families, from larva building to nano-science. Since you produce a digital profile once you enter, you will follow the exhibits in sequence so get a written certificate once you log off at the tip. However, there is not any guarantee your information can transmit properly.

Features of Sony Wonder Technology Lab included Kid Friendly Libraries, Academic Centers, Children’s Museums, Science & Technology Centres. Some of the new products of SONY include 4K FDR-AX53 Handycam, The h.ear gop wireless speaker, The 4K HDR Televisions, The glass sound Speaker, The LED Bulb Speaker, Portable Ultra short Throw Projector, SONY UHP-H1, SONY HT-NT5.